Weather Stations

Our small weather stations are ideal for yacht clubs, marinas and harbour masters who need real time and historic data on their local weather conditions.

Our weather stations are all solid state and measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity to met office standards. Real time wind measurements are displayed via a web browser on any PC tablet or smartphone which has an internet connection. We also offer the option for SMS text messages. Simply text the weather station from your mobile phone and receive a text message back within a few seconds with the latest wind speed and direction reading.

Other weather parameters can also be be incorporated such as barometric pressure, solar radiation (sunshine) and even tide height.

The readings are displayed in real time via virtual dials and graphs on a PC screen via a secure web login. Yacht club members can login and check actual wind readings before driving down to the marina. Harbour masters can keep an eye on weather conditions when they are off site. The system can also be setup to send text or email alerts for high wind conditions.
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