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Sideshift bow and stern thrusters are mounted externally on the bow or stern of your boat to provide lateral thrust for manouvering in harbour. We have thrusters suitable for motor boats, yachts, pontoon boats and house boats. Read below for more information.

Externally mounted thrusters

Our range of Sideshift thrusters are all externally mounted to the stern or bow of your vessel. As a result, the cost of installation is significantly lower than a traditional tunnel thruster. These externally mounted thrusters are perfect for boats from 20' to 50' in length.

DIY installation is quite straight forward and can be done in one day. We offer free telephone technical support weekdays and weekends, for customers doing there own installations, and also boatyards and marine electricians installing on their behalf. Click below to compare Sideshift thrusters with traditional tunnel thrusters.
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Why do I need a bow thruster or stern thruster?

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There is nothing worse than having a great day out in your boat, only to find when you come back to harbour that you are having to dock in adverse winds, or in an unfamiliar marina where the only berth free is really awkward to get into. A Sideshift bow thruster gives added control you need to push your bow over at the critical moment either to overcome adverse wind, or make a really tight turn at low speed. All our thrusters come with a wireless keyfob controller, in addition to the standard joystick. This allows you to control the thruster from any location on the boat or pontoon. Very helpful when docking single handed!

Installation is a straight forward DIY job, with no holes required below the waterline. The work can usually be done in one day, and we offer full technical support by telephone and email 7 days a week.
Sideshift stern thrusters fit onto the underside of the boat's swim platform, or straight onto the transom. As with the bow thruster no holes are drilled below the waterline. Two models of stern thruster are available, the ST340 dual prop 5 HP and ST350 dual prop 7.5HP. For boat's which already have an existing bow thruster, be it a Sideshift unit, or another manufacturer we can offer a dual control relay kit and dual joystick unit so that both thrusters can be controlled from a single controller, and also from the wireless keyfob controller.

The work can usually be done in one day, and we offer full technical support by telephone and email 7 days a week to customers doing DIY installs and boatyards and marine electricians.
ST340 Stern Thruster fitted to the canoe stern of a Nauticat 331 motor sailor
A boat at full sail on a dark blue sea, sailing towards a sunlit bright sky
 Sideshift’s Revolutionary New Pontoon Thruster

With their shallow draft, light weight and significant windage (especially with a camper top up), pontoon boats are notoriously difficult to handle around a dock or slipway. Add a strong crosswind or current and the task can become a real exercise in frustration, and may even compromise safety.

Sideshift's new PT230 rectractible thruster is ideal for pontoon boats up to 35 feet (10.5 metres) in length. It deploys in just 3 seconds and provides lateral thrust when you need it.
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A boat at full sail on a dark blue sea, sailing towards a sunlit bright sky
The World’s First Retractable Bow Thruster – For a Houseboat!

With their shallow draft and significant windage, houseboats can be extremely difficult to handle around a dock or slipway on the best of days. With the introduction of the HB series of retractable thrusters, Sideshift has set the standard for a powerful, easy-to-install bow thruster for houseboats up to 70′. Installed easily in a few hours as a DIY project, or by any marina or boatyard, the powerful dual prop thruster sits at home under the bow in our rugged, marine grade anodized aluminum housing, ready for use when you need it!

Visit our HB340 and HB350 thruster pages for technical datasheets, installation instructions and more photos.
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If you would like more information on our bow and stern thrusters from Sideshift, take a look at Omni Marine's online store now. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for free expert advice.

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