Sideshift Thruster Reviews

Sideshift Thruster Customer Reviews

We always had a tricky berth with a cross tide and not much room to spare, the bow thruster helped but the design of the boat with the high stern collected the wind and shall we say created adventures! Jim Furness of Omni Marine arranged fitting and did a great job, we now have control and can turn the boat around in it's own length! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jim and the stern thruster.

Nigel Darken
Southampton, UK
Nauticat 331


Excellent bit of kit. Can now approach my mooring with confidence single handed. Wind used to take bow before I could tie her up. Tie up the stern and a quick dab on the remote to bring the bow in . No more stress when mooring. Love it. Worth the money.

Dave Finney
Bridgend, UK
Rinker 280 EC


My boat 'lives' on the Norfolk Broads, an extremely popular water location for all types of holiday craft, motorised and sail. Abilities afloat inevitably vary and sometimes either through ignorance or inability the most innocuous of situations can become extremely hazardous very quickly. I'm no expert but i do try my utmost to be courteous and sensible whilst out on the Broads. But it's true to say that the situations as aforementioned were more regular than i or my partner would wish. And she as a consequence was more and more ill at ease when we set off on our boat. Compound this with a tricky manoeuvre on occasions back at the Marina when docking and my partner became more and more stressed with the whole scenario. Thus I decided to buy a bow thruster to aid both our boating experience whilst out on the Broads and to help with possible issues back at base. After much deliberation i decided upon the Sideshift SS230. This decision was made much easier by the prolonged, easy conversations I had about the product with Jim Furness, Managing Director of Omni Marine, the sole suppliers of Sideshift within the United Kingdom. He could not have been more helpful and nothing in what he said was ever structured to implicitly push me towards purchase. Jim simply, politely answered all my queries. I bought the complete SS230 package and now that it's fully operational i can honestly say that it has totally transformed our boating experience. It operates beautifully, almost silently and has dramatically changed the enjoyment level whilst afloat for both me and my partner. Stress is a thing of the past, with the Sideshift giving me almost absolute control, no matter the manoeuvre. I cannot speak too highly of it. And even when not in use there is the comforting reality that the Sideshift is there regardless. And that fact alone made a considerable difference to my partners anxiety levels. I steer the boat, but she has always wanted to get involved when docking. But sometimes weather or other circumstances would compromise her efforts. Now I can help her with the slightest use of the Sideshift and that has boosted her confidence and 'comfort zone' immeasurably.

George Waddington
Norwich, UK
Sessa Key Largo 22ft (inboard 38hp diesel)


I have got the bow thruster fitted on my 29ft Crownline and it is fantastic I cannot explain how pleased I am with it. I can put the boat anywhere even in a strong wind.

Sir Anthony Jolliffe GBE
Weymouth, Dorset, UK
29' Crownline

Got my thruster early this year and put it on my Bayliner 2355 while it was in the water. It was a bit hard to drill the holes as the drill was almost in the water but the rest was easy. It’s so good and easy to use - money very well spent. It makes boating a pleasure.

Martin Muffett
United Kingdom
Bayliner 2355

Andante is a 40 ft. semi displacement launch so is no lightweight. Our marina berth has strong cross tides so we need a reliable and powerful means of assistance when reversing into it as the marina’s tender is not always available. Our Stern Thruster has dual controls and with its new motor makes reversing in a dream. We are really appreciative of the after sales service you have given us and would certainly recommend Sideshift’s Stern Thruster to anyone in a similar position.

Sally Gillett
Auckland, New Zealand
Andante 40' Sailing Yacht

We took delivery of this boat in February, which we quickly discovered is much harder to handle than the 28s we have had in thepast. Even though it came with a bow thruster, controlling the stern when backing into a slip with cross winds and currents was more of an adventure than we needed. Fast forward a couple of months, and we now have a Sideshift stern thruster that has made all the difference in the world. Our dockside manners and disposition are exemplary as we slip sideways into the tightest of spaces with total equanimity! Thank you, thank you!

Michael Sharples
St. Petersburg, FL
Regal 32 Express

We own a Stanley welded aluminum cruiser with two 225 HP Honda outboards on the back--40'x 13.6'---weighs 15,000lbs loaded---top speed 28 knots ---it has a 13 ft rib with a 40 hp Yamaha sitting on top---was commissioned 2006--we have always had a problem maneuvering in tight spots--we have a draft of 30"--so we are like a leaf on the water--no control with any wind or current---we put on about 120 hours per season --so we don't sit still long---luckily we have never hit anything--but coming close --in July 2014 we worked with Boyle Marine in Little Current Ontario & Sideshift to install bow & stern thrusters---I have never felt so in control of a boat---Boyle Marine was excellent & any questions we had were answered by Sideshift right away----now with the thrusters there is no apprehension with maneuvering the boat --- installation is great-- at 8 knots the bow thruster is under water but does not slow the boat at all --on plane the bow thruster is about one foot out of the water---stern thruster when running is out of the water---would recommend Sideshift for any boat whether they have handling problems or not.

Jack Gemmill
Kemble, Ontario
40' Stanley Aluminum Cruiser

With a few clicks of the controller, I can make the stern go ANYWHERE I WANT!!  Seriously, this thing is AMAZING!  I went out today and docked with TOTAL confidence. I can’t tell you what a joy that is to me.

But more than that, I want to thank you for the way your company stood behind its product.  At 60 years of age, I have NEVER seen any company more committed to servicing and helping their customers.  It has been impressive to witness.

Thanks again for all your help and patience in helping me find the right solution for my boat.

Mark Gungor
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Sea Ray 415

Installing a Sideshift stern thruster on our 26' Tolly was the best money we ever invested in a boat. It has completely changed boating for us. We've always loved the boat but handling in tight quarters was nearly impossible if there was wind or current. After 2 years of close calls and stressful docking something had to change. We installed the thruster this spring and just returned from a 2 week, 400 mile trip. It feels like we have a new boat! Stress free handling and confident docking has made boating enjoyable again.

Also, thank you to Mark and Mandy for the great customer service during installation.

Don Lane
Clinton, WA
Tollycraft 26'

Sideshift bow and stern thrusters are the greatest invention a boater could ever have. Every boat should have a set, bar none.

I have a 1989 Sea Ray 280 Sun Dancer , which is 32 ft. LOA and weighs in at about 11,000 lbs, and has twin v6’s for power. As Commodore of the Summerland Yacht Club in Summerland BC, on Lake Okanagan, I have the privilege of being invited to events at all the other Yacht clubs on the lake and we try and take our boat to as many of these events as we can. Before the install of my bow and stern thrusters this year, one was always concerned about docking. Docking in our own basin under windy conditions, and it is especially stressful docking at another Yacht club or marina you are not familiar with and have no idea of wind patterns or the size, type and value of the boat you are going to have to dock next to as your slip mate. Many larger boats I know hardly ever leave their basin because their captains are nervous about docking when they return to port. Everyone is also buying bigger boats so marinas and Yacht clubs are getting tighter for space every year.

The docking accidents and docking near misses I have witnessed over the past few years is scary. It is a wonder more people are not hurt or even killed. When you see the captain and the first mate both off of the boat while the engines are still running arguing about docking, or my favourite, the first mate hanging onto the swim platform with a pole in their arm standing right above the propellers is also a scary sight.
I consider myself a careful captain and thought I had the docking process down pretty neat and safe.

Then last summer, Diana was on the dock trying to tie up the boat after we had spent a lovely hot afternoon on the lake with friends. The boat moved forward and away from the dock for some reason and she got the tops of two fingers on her right hand crushed between the dock line and the cleat on the boat. The Orthopedic surgeon was unable to save the tops of the two fingers and had to amputate them that night at Penticton Hospital. I had looked at Sideshift bow and stern thrusters in previous years and had I had them installed last summer, my first mate would not have lost the ends of two of her fingers. I have them installed now and they are great. I cannot say enough about the product. The stress of worrying about docking at this club or that club is all but gone now.

This is how we dock now:
Diana no longer has to jump off the boat as we get close to the dock and pull the boat in using the lines attached to the boat, I steer the boat as close as I can to our dock using the engines, and then move the boat sideways into the dock using the bow and stern thrusters. Then Diana STEPS off the boat with her PFD on for safety, I stay at the helm, and as she is tying up the boat, I use the thrusters to keep the boat snug against the dock. Needless to say I wish I had had them installed years ago, I will be happy to show them or demonstrate them to anyone that is interested.

Thank you
Brian Wilkey
Commodore, Summerland Yacht Club (SYC)
Summerland BC

As everyone knows single inboards paddle walk to one side when put in reverse and require some skill to maneuver. The job and responsibility of the U.S.C.G. Auxiliary is to assist the general boating public in difficulties they may encounter while on the water often requiring us to conduct station keeping (staying at one position) in severe weather or close quarter maneuvers in harbors.  We may from time to time have to tow a vessel and put that vessel in a side by side (or hip tow), making maneuverability an important issue. This was a particular concern and consideration in the purchasing of this vessel for the job it was to conduct. In walking through the local marina, I noticed a vessel with a white stern thruster that seemed small enough to be used on the stern of the vessel I wished to purchase. Other stern thrusters were just way too big for this type of vessel to be purchased. So in investigation mode on the internet, I found the company that made the stern thruster, Sideshift. And in my due diligence, I contacted the company and was introduced and talked to Mark Houle. Mark was very helpful and patient with his advice and guidance, considering I knew nothing about bow and stern thrusters.

Going back to the vessel and examining my options, I decided to install a stern thruster to assist in maneuvering the vessel. After decades of fighting a single engine inboard to turn the direction you want in reverse, especially in opposing currents and wind, the sideshift stern thruster turned the vessel in the opposite direction of the paddle walk with ease. I can’t begin to express my pleasure with this unit. Sideshift has opened all types of maneuvering options that I never thought would be possible in the past. I am looking forward to many years of service and enjoyment with this unit. My deep appreciation to Mark Houle and sideshift for this product and assistance in its installation.


David Hanson, Flotilla 41-09 Operations staff officer

U.S.C.G. Auxiliary

David Hanson
Chicago, Ill
Wahoo 25

Best money I have spent on the boat. Makes life a lot easier for both myself and my wife. Harley the installer. What can I say absolutely wonderful. His attention to detail and his installation knowledge is great. I had both bow and stern thrusters installed, only way to go. Worth every penny of the cost. It has already saved me a couple of times. This makes boating with a large boat easier to control with current and wind. Would recommend the Sideshift company and installer to anyone looking for thrusters and I have already done so. Thank you for supplying me with what was promised.

Ray Wiese
Oakville, ON, Canada
37' President

My boat is a 1979 CT48. My current sailing/cruising consists mostly of 2-10 day trips around San Francisco and Monterrey Bay. I am in and out of the slip at least every two weeks, and do a variety of mooring, i.e. other marinas, mooring balls, anchoring. I single hand the boat most of the time and use the thruster in almost every evolution. There's nothing like slipping in to a crowded mooring field and being able to nudge the bow sideways up to the mooring ball :) Long term plans are world cruising.

From my experience with my Side Shift, and with their customer service, I also can recommend their product. There are some other external mounted thrusters on the market, but from what I've seen, they all require a haul out for installation. I installed my Side Shift by myself with the boat in the slip! I really like the fact that there are no holes below the waterline.

From a performance perspective, you'll never even know the thruster is there. That is until you are manoeuvring through a crowded marina. I've been up in the bow pulpit making 7+ kts and looked down the stem. I cant see the thruster and definitely don’t feel it or see any degradation in speed. Which makes sense when you realize that the drag is only a foot on either side of the stem, about 4" in diameter and not particularly far below the water line. With a tunnel hull thruster, you're sticking two 4+ inch scuppers well below the waterline facing forward.

As far as customer service goes, Mark and everyone I've dealt with have been great. My thruster failed during the warranty period. Apparently it was a one of a kind failure, one of the brush mounts in one of the motors broke free and caused a failure of the motor. The circuit breakers in the system tripped as designed and there was no further damage. I shipped the entire unit back to Side Shift and it was repaired and returned quickly. Again, the great thing about Side Shift, I just unbolted it from the bow and shipped it off. No haul out, no time waiting on the hard while it was being fixed. And if the warranty had been expired, I could have replaced the motor on the dock and reinstalled the whole thing in just a couple hours.

One thing I've done for my system was to install a dedicated 24vdc solar panel for charging and maintaining the thruster batteries. When on shore power, a normal AC charger keeps the batteries up, but underway the solar does the job. Its passive, cheap and requires nothing on my part. Now I never worry that the thruster might not be available when I need it.

So, would I do it again? Absolutely! I love having a thruster and the Side Shift is a great product. I do all my own maintenance and installations, so being able to install this myself while in the water was a huge plus.

Larry Littrell
Martinez, California
CT48 Sailing Yacht

The Side Shift Thruster is a God Send. I love this product.  It makes docking my boat a breeze, something that was a chore before the Side Shift. I have two areas in which the side shift makes docking my boat a simple task. One,  my boat slip / lift is about 50 feet from my neighbor's dock, so trying to back a 30 foot single engine boat into a slip is trying, especially with wind. Also, while working within these close quarters, I am trying to back a 30 foot boat with a 9 foot beam into a lift that has an opening go 9'-6". Pretty tough to do with just forward and reverse of the engine and steering wheel. With the Side Shift Bow Thruster, I am able to use the thruster to maneuver the front of the boat and use reverse from the engine to literally thread a needle while backing. Hit the boat lift every time with precision accuracy.  Will never be without this product.

Tom Barger
Lexington, NC, USA
Chaparral 30' Cruiser

This thing is AWESOME! I bought it specifically to have more steering control for my boat as it was difficult to move the bow on demand. It does everything that was promised. Docking in my tight Marina in wind or current is much easier and less stressful for the captain as well as the passengers. Installation was fairly easy. I was able to install it with the boat in the water and by myself. Most folks who notice the bow thruster ask about it and are very impressed. A friend of mine who recently bought a 27 foot boat says that buying a Sideshift is a necessity. I'm sure he will own one this year.

Brian Kretchman
Douglas, MA, United States
Wellcraft Aft Cabin 260

Outstanding. Far exceeded expectations. Docking was a pinball game before installing this bow thruster. Now it’s a non-event. There was no learning curve. We're in a very tight marina with little space to maneuver. I took lessons, but still had problems and concerns to the point where I wasn't using the boat.

Marc Finkelstein
Greely, ON, Canada
28’ Bayliner Sport Cruiser

I installed your ST340 stern thruster on my Bayliner 3388 about a year ago. Wow, what a difference. The look on peoples' faces when it appears I have magical powers placing the boat at a dock still entertains us no end. We were even thinking of re-naming the boat No Drama.

Rich Pender
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Bayliner 3388

Two years ago I purchased a Sideshift model SS230S bow thruster for my 29' Cruisers Yachts. I am a fairly new boater but dreaded docking, especially when the wind or currents pushed the bow around. I am on the ocean in Washington State and love to travel to the many destinations like the San Juan Islands. I have the confidence now to try just about any docking situation thanks to the Sideshift bow thruster. I would recommend this product to anyone with or without boating experience. The stress relief has made my boating much more enjoyable and safer as well.

Bob Crowle
Blaine, WA, United States
29’ Cruisers Yacht

So far I cannot imagine owning a boat of this size or larger without the Sideshift.
The first time I used the joystick I was hooked. I have to keep reminding myself to use because there are so many applications. I am becoming spoiled and have no reservation about docking anywhere in any weather...

Mark Woods
Maryland, USA
24’ Chaparral Signature

Over the years I have had the privilege of operating a wide range of boats from 10 feet to 63 feet and pride myself at being pretty good at the helm around the docks. After installing the ST340 Stern Thruster on my 36 foot express cruiser I was quite impressed with the performance of the thruster. Backing down on a slip is now a snap and pulling up into the wind on a dock is greatly enhanced. Working with the thruster and the twin inboards allows me to walk the boat sideways. Quite impressive. As for the install, it really can be a DIY project. The instructions were easy to follow and only basic tools and skills were required. Well done.

Mike Gridley
Producer/Host, PowerBoat Television
36’ Rinker Express Cruiser

Docking a 27 foot single screw Cruiser was often an adventure when there was a stiff breeze or a slight current. The first time I saw the demo of the Sideshift Thruster I knew that could be my answer. I have now boated for an entire season with a Sideshift bow thruster and docking, even in unfamiliar slips, is no longer intimidating.  Great product. Highly recommend it.

George Kloet
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
27’ Cruiser

I purchased a Sideshift bow thruster for my 35 foot Silverton Motor Yacht.  I have never felt more in control, even in windy conditions it is stress free. This is an excellent product, easy to install and very powerful!

Bob Toves
Manotick, ON, Canada
35’ Silverton

Thank you for your advice, prompt service, and to Side Shift for providing an easily installed, professional looking Stern Thruster that really works quietly and effectively on my 50 ft. boat. Thanks again to you, and the Side Shift Team for a wonderful product and staff.

Marty Bishop
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
50’ Motor Yacht

I just purchased and installed a Sideshift 340 stern thruster on my 26 ft. Tollycraft with a V drive and single engine. I have been searching for years for the perfect thruster, well I can honestly say I found it in your product, fantastic manoeuvering that I never had before, everything you say about your thruster is true and then some. I have just returned from a 10 day cruise up Jervis and Princess Louisa inlets, anchoring and rafting in winds, rafting to an anchored boat used to be a real challenge. My boating buddies were impressed so you will probably get some inquiries from this neck of the woods. Thank you for a great product.

Herb Deane-Freeman
Gibson’s, BC, Canada
26’ Tollycraft

Launched the houseboat this past Tuesday. The thrusters worked perfectly. Rand took it back to his dock and got in with no issues, he was beyond happy. Thanks for all the help.

Brian Borchik
Baldwinsville, NY

I am now entering my second season with the Sideshift Stern Thruster. It may be of interest to other to hear about the equipment when it is beyond new. After one and a half seasons going, I pulled my 40 ft. boat for its scheduled inspection. The entire equipment from Sideshift looked as new with the exception of the sacrificial zincs which were consumed down with about 60% remaining. Several regular marine stores I checked do not stock them. As this equipment appears to require very little maintenance, it is very easy to forget to check its zincs. As they are readily accessible, they may be changed while the boat is in the water. Consequently, it may be advisable that a spare set of zincs be added to the initial purchase. In some areas, the zincs will be consumed faster than in others. After one replacement one is in a better position to determine the replacement cycle. It goes without saying that the Sideshift equipment is the level of quality and durability that makes boating safe and pleasurable. I only wish manufacturers of the other equipment’s in a boat would achieve the same level of durability.

Rodolfo Martinez III
Potomac, Maryland
40' Cruiser

I recently bought a 30' Canmar Commander with bow and stern thrusters. While I didn't think they would be needed on a twin diesel with outdrives, I am amazed at how useful they are and how much easier they make all the "fine tuning" steering corrections while at slow speeds (1-3 knots). They are always "on" and ready to help and they contribute zero drag whenever the boat is up on plane. Kudos to Sideshift for an outstanding product.

Rick Edel
Port Orchard, Washington
30' Canmar Commander

Your product was highly recommended to us as a must have as my wife and I would never boat long on single shaft power. We chose to get the stern thruster after our difficulty and stress anchoring last year, mostly docking in un-familiar marinas in challenging spots on windy days, causing my wife to prefer not to go for a cruise by ourselves if breezy.
After our first time out with the newly installed thruster, we could not wipe the smile off our faces. We backed out of our slip, gave the thruster two short shots and we were good. Before with a single V-Drive we had to go reverse and forward a few times to turn using the torque of the shaft, and in wind it was not uncommon to have my wife stressfully monitoring and pushing off docks and adjacent boats with the pole. Our first trip out we enjoyed docking and leaving among other boats on a government wharf just for fun, and then easily moored back into our slip using the thruster to turn in and then push the stern against our dock. We enjoyed anchoring by easily rotating the boat in one spot to anchor in the direction we wanted. The torque of the thruster effortlessly moves our stern left and right, offsets the push of wind against our canvas, lets us back up straight and turn against the torque of our shaft drive at slow speed.
Your service and product is great and the install went smooth, thank you! We now look forward to going out more and coming back every time, and no longer mind people watching us dock, I look like I know what I'm doing now!

Rob Dekam
Langley, British Columbia
26' Tollycraft

The unit worked exactly as advertised, which is exactly what I wanted. The installation took about 5 hours; the directions were clear and the installation straightforward (providing you do a little planning on battery placement beforehand). I have now used the unit for a little over a month in various boating conditions and find that all boat handling tasks are much easier and less stressful on the captain (me) and crew (my wife).

P.S. Please Thank Mark Houle for me, the information he provided was key in my decision to purchase your product.

Charles Brunner
Delmar, California
34’ Mainship Trawler

Some months ago my son and I installed your stern thrusters on my 72 foot Viking. Last week we returned from a Bahamas trip and after using them under all conditions I just cannot say enough good things about them. Because of the boat`s length many of the marinas are rather congested and difficult to either enter or leave, not with my thrusters though, just nothing to it. My admiration of your Sideshift thrusters knows no bounds. All I could think of while executing difficult maneuvers was the things are so good it is a wonder they are not illegal. Many thanks for a great product.

Ed Albright
Jupiter, Florida
72' Viking

My husband, Victor Pizzey very recently ordered and received a stern thruster from your company. We have a 26' Tollycraft with a single engine and V-drive, as does our friend who has been encouraging us to install one for some time as he is so satisfied with his. An additional dedicated battery and the needed wiring took place last week. This morning, with the sun shining, the boat was hauled for the installation of the thruster. Everything went smoothly with no unexpected problems. It took only 3 hours from haul out to re-launch. But the most impressive part was docking! Our slip is difficult to get in and out of, but not anymore!! The thruster responded just as hoped and there was no learning curve. Thank you for developing such a fine product. Though my husband is an experienced operator, wind and current can cause problems, especially for boat with a single motor....but no more! I look forward to a much less stressful boating season, docking and departing our home marina as well as the numerous marinas we visit.

Carol Pizzey
Gibson, British Columbia
26' Tollycraft

Without doubt, the Sideshift Bow and Stern Thrusters have changed boating for me. Docking is effortless, even with strong side wind. We even took the boat all the way to Manhattan and went well over 50 locks and docked in all sorts of conditions, some of which I don’t think I could have done without the Side Shifts period, let alone stress free.... Spectacular!

Aaron Labarre
Ottawa, Ontario
38' Sea Ray

Your thrusters have made my summer cruising a wonderful experience. Received many compliments as I dock or go through the Trent. Many Thanks.

Ken Richmond
34' Nautiline Housecruiser

After extensive research I ended up buying the Sideshift stern thruster for my 34’ Marine Trader. Now I can say it was a good decision. It may be hard to believe, but the installation of the thruster, control box, and batteries took only about three hours – two man team. The joystick took about an hour because of a very convoluted way to the bridge. The great detail is that there are no holes needed below the waterline. A couple of days ago I had a good day to test the thruster. Twenty to twenty five miles per hour wind was straight against my port side, pushing the boat against the dock. My draft is 3’ 8” but the stern moved softly and nicely. What a “silent” and nice powerhouse! For somebody planning to install the thruster as DIY, I’d like to say the only challenging thing is to find the right battery cables. Go immediately to a professional place. The usual shops try to sell you cables that are too thin. Thanks again to Mark, for a good product and excellent customer service.

Lasse Paivola
Brookville, Ohio
34' Marine Trader

Just a note to say I just finished installing the SS340 on my boat MV Tierlach, a 41 foot Jenkins here in Maple Bay. I haven't had a chance to try it out at sea yet, but it sure moves the stern from side to side at the dock. Installation was very easy; in fact I didn't have to haul the boat. I installed it from my inflatable Zodiac right at the dock!

I haven't got any pictures yet, but let me know if you would like me to email you copies when I do.

Excellent piece of machinery!

Vic MacQuarrie
Maple Bay, British Columbia
41' Jenkins

I installed an SS340F on my 1984 newly remodelled, 42' Gibson houseboat as I have a single I/O engine. The boat has been out of the water, but launched on 07802 915 020. When I docked for the first time 15 or 20 people were watching the "new" houseboat coming to its new slip. I saw many jaws drop when I hit the joystick and precisely guided the houseboat into the slip. I had at least 4 or 5 people ask where I got the thruster. All weekend I had other boaters stop by and want to see the bow thruster.

Tom Clark
Lake Conroe, Texas
42' Gibson Houseboat

Our marina always seems to have an offshore breeze blowing and by slip required me to lay the boat against the wind, not a pretty site with another 30 footer beside me, the bow always seemed to blow out. My wife has bad knees and can't jump onto the dock to assist when we return.

Now I look like a professional docking, in fact I have received complements from other boaters on my docking skills.

Dan Gardner
Norfolk, Massachusetts
30' Larson Cabrio 274

Just a short note to express my appreciation concerning the acquisition and installation of both my SS350 Bow Thruster and ST350 Stern Thruster. Your personal time that was afforded me at your facility in Ottawa as well as complete and comprehensive discussion concerning installation and use of the thrusters was enlightening and was paramount in me reaching the decision to go with your product.

Needless to say I am not sorry for my decision. The thrusters work exceptionally well and have made docking and maneuvering my 41 foot Gibson Mono-Hull House Cruiser a breeze. Initially I had my doubts as to actually requiring the stern thruster, especially since I have twin engines but time after time I have found the stern thruster extremely helpful when positioning my vessel in a confined space.

Thanks for all your time and patience, your product is worth every penny and have the folks at our marina wondering how a vessel like mine can move sideways, into the wind and onto the dock with so much ease!

Kip and Diane Powick
Trenton, Ontario
41' Gibson House Cruiser

Installed the front bow thruster on a Glastron GS259 cruiser.
It’s a single engine inboard and always had problems with the wind blowing my bow especially at the dock.
When we first tried it out it was windy at the dock and normally I can't back out half way before the wind starts to turn the bow 180 degrees and I would have to recorrect a number of times. As soon as it started to turn me I used the thruster for a few seconds to straighten out. It also eliminated help from others to safely dock it by letting the truster do the work and not having to worry about someone getting hurt or damaging the boat or the bow rails. The things that you can do with the thrusters relieve the stress and all I could say is WOW! It is definitely worth it and makes the day so much better. :) Couldn’t be happier with this product. The customer service is outstanding. I called them multiple times and they always had the answers and very helpful.

Thanks Sideshift

Anthony Paone
Navarre, Florida
Glastron GS259 Cruiser

The bow thruster installed on my fifty-foot Gibson Cabin Yacht is performing well and has made a great difference in our enjoyment of the vessel.


Mike Ford
San Antonio, Texas
Gibson Cabin Yacht

I bought recently a Sideshift bow thruster for my Rinker 0845 9000601. I had a sailboat for the last 30 years, but since I changed to a single engine motorboat in 2009 I've had nightmares when even thinking about returning to my dock. It took me 2 years to read comments, to review DVDs on single engine steering and to and evaluate if I would install a thruster. Whether I would select your external thruster or simply sell the boat to save what was left of my ego. The installation was done by Marina Port-Lewis (very professional, took a few hours), and my first test was to come out of a very secluded area between boats and dock with a good wind with this new thruster and no real practice. EURECA! Same sensation for the entry to my dock in my marina (Valleyfield). In summary, and I will describe it in French: efficace, fiable, solide et parfait pour redonner confiance . Why did I wait 2 years to install this thruster? I am still asking myself. For readers of this comment I am not linked in anyway with commercial interest. I am just a very impressed and happy customer.

Ernest Prégent
Valleyfield, Quebec
Rinker 260

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