GPS Compass Systems

GPS Compass Systems

Omni Marine offers a range of GPS compass systems for boat operators who require high accuracy compass and heading information. See below to find out more.

Why choose a GPS compass system?

A GPS compass offers many advantages over traditional fluxgate compass systems, at a significantly lower cost than commercial gyroscopic compass units.

The system utilises two GPS receivers which are built into a single antenna module to measure differential GPS position. This allows the compass system to calculate true heading. As the earth's magnetic field is not used as a reference point, true heading is measured without the need to compensate for magnetic deviation or variation. Our GPS compass units provide true heading accuracy of 0.5° or 0.25° depending on the ,model with update rates from 1 second to 20Hz. In the event of a loss of the GPS signal built in gyros and accelerometers will continue to maintain the heading data output with an accuracy of 1° for up to 3 minutes.
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For more information on our range of ComNav GPS compass systems take a look at our online store, where you will find technical specifications and pricing on all products. If you require information or would like to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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Why choose Omni Marine?

At Omni Marine, we have a wealth of experience in the supply and installation of a range of marine electrical and electronic equipment, including GPS compass systems, AIS Systems, NMEA multiplexers, and Sideshift thrusters. If you would like to enquire about any of our products, click below to view our enquiry form.
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